Thursday, August 23, 2007

King of Hell vol. 16 Impression

Ah, the transition manga. After every epic battle the stories heroes need a few pages to catch their breath before the next journey begins. King of Hell vol. 16 picks up where 15 left off as Majeh does battle with the escaped fiend Moon Ju. Killed to unleash his hidden power Majeh mops up with Moon Ju. We’ve seen this a few times in the series but what we’ve not seen is Cerebrus transformation to a more human demon form to take out Moon Ju’s annoying little lady friend. So bad guys defeated, heroes win and a few new story points get introduced. First up is what exactly is Cerebrus, how can he unleash his full power in the human world when there is supposed to be restrictions on demon powers in the real world? The King of Hell mentions Cerberus is an exception … why? Next up, the rest period. Majeh, Chung, Dohwa and Young return to the Moorim Headquarters to recoup where their next journey is requested of them. They are asked to find the Insane Hounds who are lost in the Gobi Desert. They were supposed to be looking for bad guys, no dice, they get lost. Around this time we get the second round of foreshadowing as we’re introduced, kind of, to a mysterious group of silhouetted baddies plotting against Majeh. Add in a little Crazy Dog, not quite killed a few issues back, a Crazy Dog with the mind of a child, strength of a devil who looks to Majeh as an older brother and the story just drools with the action and comedy potential fans have come to expect.

I hate waiting for a manga for months just to have the action be short and sweet, you know the transition manga. I love me some King of Hell. I am mistaken for calling it a manga when it’s really a manwha, Korean for manga. The story Ra In-Soo is weaving is great, andas stated before really reminds me of Dragon Ball Z minus the battles that last a wee bit too long. Jea-Hwan Kim’s art is always superb, a delight to the eyes mixing dramatic battles and hero stances with some of the funniest looking situations I’ve seen drawn, it’s just funny my friends.

Bleach, Hunter x Hunter and King of Hell. Just a few manga series that are top notch. Great action, great story and superb art are the standard. Check them out, and yeah don’t mind the transition volume from time to time. It’s not as bad as the recap episode anime love to run.

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