Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hunter x Hunter, volume 16 Impressions

I’ve got to say, where volume 15 was very much a transition, training volume, 16 is all about driving the story, so here’s the one SPOILER warning you’ll get. Gon and Killua continue collecting cards in the Greed Island video game and as they become more successful (50+ cards collected) they’re contacted by other teams of collectors to ban together, share info and figure out how to win the game as two other team are already at the 90+ card mark of the 100 needed to win. Team names and details aside, this new partnership leads to Gon and his companions finding out how to obtain a very rare, never collected card. This is where the volume gets really good because it leads to a sweet game of dodgeball that continues into volume 17.

Dodgeball? Ok James, you’ve lost us, what’s up? What’s up is to gain a very rare card Gon and his team must defeat Razor (bad guy leader in game) and his 14 devils out of town by beating them in various athletic events such as boxing, sumo, soccer juggling and yes dodgeball. It’s during these confrontations that Gon and Killua realize they are not just in a game, but a game that is real life, on a real, isolated island where virtual death is real death. This makes the games much more interesting as a hit in this dodgeball game can and will kill.

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on volume 17, and not just to see how the game turns out, but rather how the story progresses as Razor knows Ging, Gon’s father, was expecting Gon to show up and gives a brief glimpse at why Greed Island was created, to train Gon (neat!). There’s also the teaming up of Gon and Killua with Hisoka (sans makeup when they find him, butt naked). As always the art delivered by Yoshihiro Togashi is superb, story is both fun and engaging worth every penny of purchase.

If you’re a fan of Hunter x Hunter, volume 16 continues the fun that made you such a fan. If you’re new to the series don’t check in with volume 16, try out volume 1, get up to speed, you won’t be disappointed.

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