Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beck vol. 1 DVD Impression

A strange thing happened on my way to watch the latest big robot anime, I got hooked on Beck. Who would have thunk it, not I. When I first got my hands on beck, plain black DVD case with lead Koyuki on the cover holding guitar I thought what is this, an anime about a band, that can’t be good. Well color me stupid, Beck from FUNimation plains rocks, pun intended.
Koyuki is your typical lost high school student. Not great at sports, worse with the ladies. His ho-hum life consist of a lot of … well walking around gloomy. During this moping Koyuki happens upon the worlds strangest looking dog, think of Frankenstein’s dog, getting picked on by kids. The dog as thanks for Koyuki chasing off the kids, bites him on the hand. The dog is Beck as his owner Ryusuke tells Koyuki while thanking him and tossing him some tissues for his busted up hand. Nice chance encounter followed up the next day by a visit and bowling invitation from his childhood friend Izumi. See Izumi just happens to be a star swimmer and one of the best looking most popular girls in school. After bowling Izumi, Koyuki and a few friends head to a local bar, where sitting in a corner, getting slapped by a just dumped girl is Ryusuke. Tissues are returned and the chance encounters keep on going. Fight happens outside club, Koyuki gets involved, Ryusuke steps in and boom … like that new friendships are made.
This is the cliff notes versions of the first episode of Beck. Turns out Ryusuke is part of a band, leaves that band, and starts to form his own band while competing with his former band mates for members and the series rolls on. Koyuki discovers a love for music introduced to him by Ryusuke and Izumi, shares his first performance with Maho, Ryusuke’s younger sister and his mentor/teacher Saito. We get to see Chiba recruited (vocals) to the band, a few more targets for the band and some great music.
As I stated before I never thought an anime about a band would hook me, but the characters in Beck didthe deed. Koyuki is nothing special and very easy to identify with. He works hard and has trouble learning guitar, his not great looking or popular and faces issues many kids could identify with. Ryusuke is the rebel with tons of talent, cool guy and all the surrounding characters, down to Beck are great complements for each other with no one overshadowing the other. The story and experiences feel fresh and reminds me of my days hopping form YMCA to YMCA for battle of the bands. The music is nice, but not thrown into the viewers face too much, just enough to leave you wanting more.
All in all I would have to say Beck is a series any anime fan, man or woman of a mature age (lots of cussing) needs to pick up. This is not your typical anime, and now I’ve got to check out the manga. I like giving my opinion of anime and manga, let you know my thoughts to formulate your own, but this one time I’m pushing this on viewers, check it out. Fresh story, fresh formula, a fresh anime any Otaku would be proud to have in their collection. Beck rocks.

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