Saturday, March 3, 2007

Coyote Ragtime Show Impression

Coyote Ragtime Show is a stylish, hip and uber sweet anime the likes I've not had the joy to experience since the days of the Bebop. Where Cowboy Bebop was about the adventures of a group of bounty hunters (Cowboys), Coyote Ragtime Show is about their quarry, pirates (Coyotes). No these series are not connected but from the start of episode one this series will feel very familiar to any Bebop fan.

Planet Graceland is set for destruction and when it goes so does the treasure of the legendary pirate king. Enter Mister, one crazy cool hombre Coyote who's just escaped from prison in order to help Franca (pirate kings daughter under Misters protection) get her fathers treasure. Mix in the pirate kings former right-hand man, and current preacher Swamp Gordon, two stylish crew members, two female detectives that would make Lupin drool and a bevy of robotic assassin Lolita's and you've got the makings of a shoot-em up, blow-em up adventure that will keep anime fans strapped to their chairs from start to finish.

The animation and character design is a pleasure to watch. The gruff Mister and his crew do not seem fake cool (Vanilla Ice) but rather they feel like the real thing (Eminen). Each design is unique and funky especially the twelve sisters with their Goth Lolita look, this series could win some fashion awards. The voice-acting is spot on with the right mix of savvy, bitterness and desire you would expect … what you will expect when you meet this cast of misfits. When you take excellent character design and professional voice acting and backdrop it with planets, ships, battles, bars and settings that do not skimp on details you've got one solid anime. The pacing of the series is nice mixing in some great action with a kicking soundtrack that tells watchers when to sit back and pay attention and when to get on the edge of their seats.

I'm not going to sit here and tell everyone to get Coyote Ragtime Show, but I am telling you if you have even a passing interest in an excellent series like Cowboy Bebop then you will no doubt, 100% love Coyote Ragtime Show. If you want to learn more about the characters pick up the March 2007 (Vol. 3) issue of Newtype USA, but I would suggest getting volume one of the DVD, it's hot, and right next to Cowboy Bebop on store shelves.

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