Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trinity Blood Manga Preview

So, it's Halloween, nice. Costumes, candy, spooks, frights and freaks, what isn't to love about this day, a Holiday for some, religious day for others. Know what else reminds me of Halloween ... Vampires. From Dracula to Blade our blood-sucking brethren will always have a place in entertainment from books to movies to our history and mythology, legend and mystery. Anybody with an ounce of Goth in them finds the concept of vampires intriguing, which brings me to Trinity Blood, a new manga from Tokyopop. Vampire stories have been done to death (love puns) in all entertainment forms, but that does not mean they are tired. Trinity Blood, also an anime from FUNimation, tells the story of Father Abel Nightroad, a vampire who feeds on the blood of other vampires. He works for the Vatican (!) in the far off future in a landscape where vampire are as common as humans and there is a second moon ... but enough of the book cover info. What is Trinity Blood at it's heart, how is it different form other manga? It's gorgeous, simply stunning art for one. Kiyo Kyujo handles said art penning the story crafted by Sunao Yoshida with character design by Thores Shibamoto.

The story I cannot tell you too much about as it's still unfolding, but what can be said is the various factions at work, political and religious in-fighting and sabotage will be sure to satisfy anyone who's ever shown a passing interest in ... well any soap opera. The story is very serious, but there is also a nice touch of humor, hell Nightroad is a freaking klutz. What I'm getting at is the Trinity Blood Manga is well worth the price of admission, damn I wish I could say more, but I will not ruin it. If you're a fan of Blood, anything Gothic by Clamp (X) you must pick up this book. Nothing gets me in the mood for Halloween like vampires.

I'll get more into the series as the volumes go by, take a more serious look at the manga, anime and books as a whole, but no worries, this series rocks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Impression

No blog entries in months = a lot of busy, busy work. I love writing about games and anime, but guess what ... when you go home tired (and late) all you want to do is sleep. It's a good thing, this work, actually means I will have more time to blog later about anime and more, really, no joke. I cannot wait to revamp this blog, will be so sweet. For now check out this site,, it's very cool. I love me some Pokemon, and this site is great. Check out what fans of the series have drawn, very nice and fun. Anyway, get ready for more anime, more trailers and more entry blogs ... blog entries. Good times. See you in less than two months (really).