Thursday, May 4, 2006

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Impression

So, why 'Advent Children,' why not? I missed many a class as a sophmore in college guiding Cloud, Tifa and gang on their adventure. I love RPG's and no one game hooked me as much as the original 'FFVII' (ok that's a lie, it's a tie between this, 'Lunar' on Sega CD and 'Phantasy Star III' on Genesis). Anyway I drooled over 'Advent Children' from the time I heard it was coming out till I viewed it this past week. It's not an anime, it's not a game, but go ahead and tell me if you think it does not fit the audience of the anime guide. If you have even a passing interest go out and rent/buy this movie, it's worth it and the game recap on the special edition DVD is priceless.

So besides being geeked about 'Advent Children' what else is going on? How about a little show called E3 next week and an Anime Trailer page on AOL. Yup, I get to go to and cover E3 for AOL Games, and I will be concentrating on Anime based game announcements (like Bandai's Eureka 7, IGPX, Mobile Ops... so many yummy flavors). The Countdown to E3 has begun so check it out now. Tune in next week because it's my first E3 and I'm really feeling like going blog crazy. Pics, games, sooooooo much to see and do. I'm Charlie and E3 is Wonka's factory.

'Hey James, E3 is cool and all, but you said Anime Trailers???' Oh, I'm so glad you noticed, that's right, anime trailers on AOL Games. Is it games, not really. There are some game trailers but you will find trailers for good ol' fashioned anime at Now bear with me as I am getting more and more content for this page, but it is coming around and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Tune in for more very, very soon. Thanks.