Friday, March 10, 2006

Comic-Con in NY was Fun (but no SD)

Last year I had my first experience with Comic-Con out in San Diego, and boy was it a hoot. The size of the conference center, the number of attendees, the booths, the cos-players, the comics, the anime, the manga, video games ... enough to send you into a joyous shock. I loved it. I cannot say the show in New York (first annual) had the same impact on me. First off I spend a better part of last week with and recovering from the flu, preventing me from writing about the show earlier and second the show was over sold.

Now going into this I had to temper my expectations as I knew it was the first annual, but I knew deep down if it was half the show that San Diego puts on then it would be well worth the trip. Yeah, well, this is a yes and a no. I was very impressed by the gaming room layout. On the top floor of the conference center there was a cavernous room dedicated just to video games and in the back a ton, few hundred, tables laid out just for some card battling action. I saw this before the public was let in, but never made it back due to the crowd issue (more on that in a min). The hall with the main show itself was kinda cramped as the two larger rooms were dedicated to an art show and the other to a travel show. We got stuck in the basement.

So who was there, well DC Comics, Viz, ADV, FUNimation, Tokyopop, Darkhorse to name a few, but no big presence like Star Wars, big video game booths (some consoles upstairs as I said). All the booths were smaller, content really taken back. It was like the ugly little brother of the tall hot model that is Comic-Con San Diego. All this said, it was a good first effort minus the crowd issue.

The show was over sold. There was a line 200+ people deep that had paid and could not get into the show. Press were made to wait in this line also, and there was even a line (shorter) for exhibitors. I missed a panel I was going to attend and write about and had to have friends bring me an exhibitor badge to get me back into the main show. I could not go to the video game or card game room because I would have been trapped outside the main show, it was a mess. That is my one gripe about the show. It was fun, a good two days, and I'll tell you about Richard A. Knaak, Frank Miller, Peter Max and Manga Studio another time.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Comic-Con NY Cosplay

Nothing says a good convention like a good round of pics of cosplayers. For those of you not in the know cosplay is just dressing up in costumes as your favorite anime character or any comic/movie/game character for that matter. It's a term adopted by the anime/manga community, and it just sounds good. It's also my favorite part of any convention. Comic-Con in New York this past weekend was not the utopia of cosplayers I had hoped but it was still decent. For a show that in essence is the little brother that has yet to hit puberty of the well established Comic-Con in San Diego, this turnout was a valiant effort for year one, but must improve in 2007. (Oh, for good measure I've thrown in some of the strange show costumes of characters and the like.)

Enjoy, but then check out exactly what I'm putting this up against from last year,