Thursday, August 3, 2006

Naruto Uncut Impression

Hopefully you've read what I just wrote about Basilisk (if not, get going, dang). I mentioned it was a mature series, great ninja action and reminded me of Ninja Scroll. I also mentioned no to buy it for your kids, to use the edited Naruto ... yeah edited. If you've seen Naruto on Cartoon Network then you've seen the edited version of a great show that is really not for the faint of heart. Viz recently released a box set, a box set I would love to see every other anime series mimic (Shaman King, One Piece, listen up).

The Naruto Uncut Box Set 1 is an Otakus dream come true. The US has a view of anything animated being for kids, a view I hate, and really want to educate so it's changed. Naruto is a very popular show in Japan, hell around the world, and guess what, it's not just for kids. TItles like One Piece and Shaman King are similar. All three titles, and many more have been 'kiddied' down for TV here in the states. Any blood, smoking, drinking ... anything adult has been removed and the shows, while still popular, suffer, or I should say the true die-hard fans suffer. What the Naruto set has done is take a popular series, one that's been edited, and give us Otaku the original series, uncut, in both English and Japanese with the original opening themes, wraps it in a nice box and delivers it to fans craving ... well everything listed above.

Naruto is a series not to be missed by anyone, ANYONE, with even a passing fancy in anime. I write about a lot of series, and usually recommend all of them in some manner form get 1 DVD to buy the box set. This is because I write about 1) what I love and 2) what is good. I have to be picky. A series like Saikano I did not like, not at all. I did not dig the story, the character design, anything about this series, but I know there is an audience for it, I'm not that audience. Enough of that rant, Naruto is a series I love, I watch every Saturday night because it's good, it's refreshing, it's engaging. It's a new series that is not cliché, and this box set delivers it, I mean delivers IT. A true full anime experience, a series how is was supposed to be seen after it was kiddied down for release. An experience that I hope to see more of with licensed shows. GIve me Bleach, give me HunterXHunter, give me Beet all uncut in a nice box set so I don't have to look for fan-subs to see a series how it's supposed to be seen. Give it to me like this so the anime industry stays strong by giving fans what they really want, so pirated items are a dying breed.

Take note all of you publishers, if a series becomes popular and contains mature themes, bring it over this way. The US anime market is not a bunch of 10 year old, some of us have 10 year old so hook us up. Thanks Viz for starting what I hope will become a major trend with shows on TV that have been kiddied down.

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