Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stan Lee Interview Comic-Con 2006

On Saturday, July 22nd at Comic-Con in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />San Diego I had a treat, a really rare joy of getting five minutes to sit with Stan Lee. Now five minutes is not a whole heaping lot of time, but I made the most of it by asking questions as quickly as possible on a variety of subjects. Stan ‘The Man’ Lee is just great, a real pleasure to talk to, I just wish I had more time with him (like an hour) but I have to say thanks very, very much to Activision for getting me this five minutes. After a quick intro and being asked to serve as tech support for AOL we began …<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


(Q) In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, who is Stan Lee’s Ultimate Alliance of four characters?

Stan - Well I think Spider-Man and maybe Thor against Doctor Doom and Galactus ... if I may.


(Q) With comic artist and writers becoming more and more involved in video games and their development, do you see this becoming more mainstream, another outlet for a true comic experience, or just a fad?

Stan - Well it’s more than a comic experience; it’s a true entertainment experience like the motion pictures or the television. These video games are really like motion pictures except they’re interactive, the people who like them, love them and are very involved in them and more and more people (artist, writers) are getting involved in video games.


(Q) What can you tell me about your new Sci-Fi show, Who Wants to be a Super Hero? What's unique about this particular project?


Stan - I am so surprised. We started the whole thing almost as a gag. Everybody was doing reality shows so I said why don’t we do one, my new company Pow Entertainment, not Marvel. So we thought what will we do, and thought why not what we know best, super heroes. We came up with the idea Who Wants to be a Super Hero, and I figured, gee I don’t know; let’s send out a call for contestants, but what if we don’t get any? We got thousands not from only this country but from all over the world when we put out the call on the Internet. We finally narrowed them down to a few hundred, then after a lot of interviewing we narrowed them down to about a dozen men and women. This thing has progressed to the point I really think it’s going to be a tremendously big show. Even the critics who have seen it have been one of them, from one of the trades papers said before she started the interview, “I tell you I love the show and my parents who were watching with me love it” and her parents had to be in their 50’s and this is about super heroes.


The thing about the show is we try to keep it entertaining and funny. It’s serious but also a lot of built in humor to it. It is not mean spirited, it’s a very, I think, very nice show. All of the contestants and this is a strange thing too, they’re all competing for the one prize and yet each time one got eliminated the others felt so bad about it they would comfort the one, and hug him or her. They really formed into a tight little clique of friends. Now that the filming is just about over they have all stayed together and we've been meeting as a whole group you know they love each other and they’ve bonded. You don’t get that in many reality shows where there are contestants. This show has its own different flavor, it’s replete with surprises, nobody knows what’s coming next, but it also has humor and is warm hearted. Now I sound like I’m touting it, but  believe me I was the last one to be convinced, other people have convinced me and now I’m beginning to believe it’s going to be a big show.


Thanks very much for your time, and it’s been a pleasure meeting you.

Stan - My pleasure, thanks for listening to all that.

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