Monday, July 24, 2006

Rocket Slime at Comic-Con

Another Square Enix title I spent time with was the cute, but addictive Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the Nintendo DS. Now if there is one thing the DS does very, very well it's unique fun to play games that are addictive for one main reason, game play. In this aspect Rocket Slime excels, but also goes a step further because while this game is very kiddie looking any gamer will love to play the multi-player 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 battles. At heart Rocket Slime is a very Zelda-ish, Pokemon-ish adventure RPG where gamers wander around 'collecting' friends (hit them on head, carry back to village. Bad guys invade your town/country and you proceed to fight them. Ok, so I mentioned collecting friends. You wander around towns, forest, dungeons, etc collecting not only friends but weapons and items also. Any friend you collect and deposit in a town will remain there for you to visit, almost like your very own fish bowl. There are over 100 slime to collect, and anyone who's played a Dragon Quest game knows what to expect.

Now this game is not just about collecting, there is a lot of fighting to be had. These battles are carried out via tanks, and Wifi comes into play if you want to challenge 1, 2 or 3 friends to a battle. Items you find will be used in your tank as ammo, even friends can be shot in cannons. Your tank has multiple screens/levels that you wander around. You grab whatever items you have, load them to the cannon and fire away. The greatest fun in this area was breaking into your enemies tank, picking them up and shooting them out of their own cannon, and watching them fly across the top screen on DS. This was also done to all the friends in the tank. Your friends do what they are told, so you want them to fire from one cannon, they will only shoot from that cannon. While I only briefly played this game at E3 I spent a good amount of time with it at Comic-Con and I cannot wait for the final version. Sometimes no matter how simple the graphics, with great game play you are good to go.

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