Thursday, July 13, 2006

One Piece: Grand Adventure Impression

One Piece: Grand Adventure is Monkey D. Luffy's second adventure on the GameCube and PlayStation 2 (well, third actually behind Grand Battle and Pirate Carnival). So, while Pirate Carnival looks to be a series of party and mini games, Grand Adventure is the sequel to 2005's fighting game Grand Battle.

So what's different, why get excited? Besides the usual list of updates, cleaner graphics, tweaked controls and an expanded roster of characters there are two BIG things to get excited about. First the Adventure mode (hence the title, duh!). Similar in concept to the adventure mode found in Soul Calibur, gamers will take on a series of missions and task that sway in and out of the actual anime story line. Guide your pirates over the open ocean and live out all the adventures you've come to love on TV. Next thing to get excited about, well it's not a game play feature, is the fact this games been developed for the US market. Only Otaku will get excited by this because for anyone unfamiliar with anime or One Piece will see this as another licensed fighting game. Most games that reach the US based on an anime are ports, ports of games based on anime that have had a longer TV run on foreign soil.

Step back time. Check this out, lets say One Piece has shown 20 episodes on US TV, and prompts a video game here. Well, that video game is being ported from Japan, and when it was developed there One Piece was at or over 100 episodes already. In a nutshell (a big one) this means we US gamers, have not seen all the characters and settings the Japanese market has and thus will have a stripped down game (for the same price dammit). You will see weird character changes, especially with a title like One Piece where it's very adult in Japan, but been kiddied down here. Now characters don't smoke, they have lolli-pops. ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, don't get me started. It's a good thing to have a game developed here because it wil be true to the anime we've seen, know and love. Good times. I suggested giving the manga a spin if you've never seen the anime or played the previous games. The story is great, art is great, and it's not just for kiddies.

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