Thursday, July 6, 2006

Eureka Seven - Vol 1: The New Wave Impression

Namco Bandai's upcoming Eureka Seven - Vol 1: The New Wave is fun, really, really fun. I had the pleasure of playing at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. Since I've only seen volume one (DVD) of Eureka Seven I went into this game not knowing what to expect other than sky-surfing LFO's (think big mech's riding waves on giant boards in the sky) and maybe some characters from the anime. Well, I did get the LFO's but thus far there is nada on the character from the anime front, but that could change the deeper you go into the game and story. This is a sort-of prequel to the anime. Now since I don't know to much about the story at this poitn I'm not going to yammer on about it, let's get down to the nitty gritty, the gameplay.

Vets of the various Gundam vs. games will find the LFO controls easy to grasp, and will not be disoriented as you surf the trapar waves in one directs while targeting enemies going every which way. This is how flying mech games are supposed to be. I spent five minutes with the game and in that five minutes I came away a very excited fan-boy. I want to play more, I want to know the story, how it ties into the anime, I want to get outside my LFO and surf around (which you can do) and I want to immerse myself in an anime based video game starring giant mechs not ending in undam. (BTW, I LOVE me some Gundam action, I have every game released here in the states for Gundam, no joke, even the Dreamcast game, solid!)

Hey, listen, the New Wave does not kick up for a few months so do yourself a favor and check out the anime, buy it, borrow it, watch it online. The music hooked me, and while there are tons of giant robot mech anime out there Eureka (pronounced L-wreck-A) Seven does enough to separate from the crowd, and great character design never hurts. Good times.

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