Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Look at Square Enix at E3

At E3 this year I played every game Square Enix had at their booth, and man are they great. (Hey, I'm an RPG nut, so it's all good.) Anyway going back to Square Enix at Comic-Con I expected to see much of the same, and I did, but there were changes.

In 2005 Square Enix did not have much of a video game presence at Comic-Con. There were the ever gorgeous Kotobukiya figures, and a plasma showing trailers for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children but that was about it for FF fans. This year, totally different story are Squenix was out in full force with their same game lineup as seen at E3. So what was new and cool, lets take a look at ...

Final Fantasy XII -- Most gamers want this title in their hands now, but no worries, time is fast approaching when hours will be widdled away behind a TV monitor. The graphics continue to impress, and it was interesting to note the detail seen within a cut scene was also present in game play. Just stop running around and fighting and look around, there is so much detail in the environment. I also got my first hands-on taste of Limit Breaks, or as they're call in XII Mist. Sweet attacks that you unleash after building up the required meters. There were fun to watch and pull off, and never fail to remind gamers they are indeed in a Final Fantasy game, and it does live up to standards. Remember the grid system from FFX, well now you have a license system. Think of it as the love child of the Job System and Grid System. As you gain license points you get to take a test for your learners permit ... oh wait, you get to assign different attributes to your characters. What this means is you want your small little girl character to be the brute of the team, she can, the big mean gruff guy, make him the healer. Gamers are not limited to set classes, you can determine your own path, similar (again) to an online RPG. Setting gambits is also fun, but going old-schoo FF by putting the system on wait is refreshing. Each character will wait their turn to fight letting you control each one as opposed to letting the gambits rule the day. All in all the game is looking freaking sweet, making the wait well worth it.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII -- Another game taken for a spin at E3, Dirge has been tweaked since the show and will be improved a little more before release. As you may or may not know this is one of the first real attempts are getting an FPS into the Japanese market, think of it as my first FPS for beginners. Due to this the game was moved to a slight third-person perspective, has auto-aim and is not super fast. Forget all of that, well almost. The third-person is still there, but the controls have been tweaked to appease U.S. gamers and the game is overall much faster. There are new levels being added for the U.S. The game is taking on shape, and this is one nice slim super model in waiting, not the local ... yeah I'll avoid offending any of the femme fatal out there. Oh, Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode, is a cell phone game tied to Dirge that fills in a lost chapter during the game, that give some background on Vincent.

Tell me, whey does an FPS work on a cell phone, but developers are like fricking tards when it comes to the PSP?

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