Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, Ultimate Game

WOW, it's been a while, almost two months. Take some pre/during/post E3 work, mix in a week vacation, add a dash of the flu with a smidgen of work backlog and you have a formula perfect for ... well utter chaos. I'm still here, and still blogging. My list of things I want to write about is so freaking huge, and Comic-Con is coming up soon too, yikes! Time to get back into the swing of things, so lets talk about 'Naruto: Ultimate Ninja' which is on the Anime Gaming Guide now.

So, why did I pick Naruto this week, it's simple the game kicks major ass. Besides looking cool as hell and drawing from the manga from Viz (which any true anime/manga/Naruto fan must have) 'Ultimate Ninja' sets a new standar for anime based video games, a standard and level only seen in 'Dragon Ball Z' titles. The controls are fluid, and not bogged down with too many different commands. The graphics are sweet, some of the best use of cell-shading I've seen, and the fun, OH THE FUN! You really get into this game, it's great, no joke. Fans of Naruto will love this game (duh!) but get this, so will casual and hard-core fighting game fans. The mix of Smash Bros. and Power Stone fighting styles are very apparent in both charceter movement and level design and layout. The action is over the top, no ninja stealth stuff here, and it's just a fun all around romp. Check out the videos, check out the screenshots and then buy this puppy for yourself. If you doubt, go rent it already. Good times, and wait till you see some of Namco Bandai's other offerings such as 'Eureka Seven.'


  1. Sounds great. ^_^ I'm thinking about buying it, and I think you just convinced me to.

  2. i LOVE that game!!thats why i own u people think naruto is cute?
    sasuke on the other hand is an emo with brother issuse.i LOVE hinata's hair color!!!!!!!!!how does she get her hair like that?anyway sasuke is an emo,i like hinata's hair,i asked if you liked naruto and kakashi is ugly!! ^-^

  3. Ultimate Ninja 2 looks so much more amazing than this, but Ultimate Ninja 2, I think, doesn't have Zabuza amd Haku in it.