Friday, April 21, 2006

Grandia III Impression

Ok, right now I'm tied up playing three different games. While nobody can argue wit me playing Kingdom Hearts II and Star Wars: Empire at War who would have guess that third game I'm hooked on is Grandia III. So why am I hooked you say, well it all starts with the Opening Theme 'In the Sky' by Miz. Now I would love to get this in mp3 format, but no dice. I do have the next best thing. Watch the opening sequence here. Listen and see. The opening is just the beginning (duh) but this is a great game, a truly great RPG. It's kinda lost in the mix with Square Enix other big titles but don't miss this game. Really, go and pick it up now, good stuff, and I love me a good RPG. Well that's enough praise for now, just check it out. Good times.

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