Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Eureka Seven on PlayStation 2

Have you been there yet, you know, that page I update? The Anime Gaming Guide on AOL Games has a new feature and this week it's 'Eureka Seven.'

Bandai's upcoming mega-hot anime title may seem like a strange choice for the main slot, but it's not. This past week 'Eureka Seven' for PlayStation 2 was announced and this press release got me so geeked I bumped 'Monster Rancher EVO' from the DL slot (sorry Tecmo, but ES was in my Most Anticipated Anime/Games 2006 list). Oh, speaking of this list, I'm going to revisit it, as EA was tied for #10, well that's moving up a few slots and others are moving down. Back to the announcement. The DVD hits on Apirl 25th, comes with t-shirt and CD (why would you buy just the regular DVD, don't be stupid.) It's going to be hot, and to see a game announced now, before the DVD is out and before the airing on Adult Swim is HOT, just freaking HOT! Take a look at Bandai's official Eureka Seven site, and tune in for more.

OH, WAIT A SECOND!!! There was another announcement this week. Ubisoft has picked up the licensing rights for 'Naruto' on Xbox 360. Yes, I know there are 'Naruto' games out there already, a GC and GBA game from Tomy, an upcoming PS2 title from Bandai, but this announcement is special. First, it's on a next-generation system. Not enough for you, how about Microsoft making a true push to appeal to Japanese type gamers and that market as a whole. Ok, so check out this conspiracy theory... Xbox is an American Gaming Machine. No good RPG's (traditional ones), tons of Mech-Assault-ish games, sports games and racing games. The original Xbox failed hard in Japan, only Bills money kept they system afloat (and Halo, another genre not too popular in Japan, that of the first-person shooter). The 360 will change that, and Naruto is the start. Don't agree, tough, this is my blog, start your own. Well, time to head home, I have a date with Sora, Donald and Goofy, later!

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