Friday, March 3, 2006

Comic-Con NY Cosplay

Nothing says a good convention like a good round of pics of cosplayers. For those of you not in the know cosplay is just dressing up in costumes as your favorite anime character or any comic/movie/game character for that matter. It's a term adopted by the anime/manga community, and it just sounds good. It's also my favorite part of any convention. Comic-Con in New York this past weekend was not the utopia of cosplayers I had hoped but it was still decent. For a show that in essence is the little brother that has yet to hit puberty of the well established Comic-Con in San Diego, this turnout was a valiant effort for year one, but must improve in 2007. (Oh, for good measure I've thrown in some of the strange show costumes of characters and the like.)

Enjoy, but then check out exactly what I'm putting this up against from last year,

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  1. I think me and my pals were perfectly happy looking in the Mas Naruto pic ... except for maybe 1 or two of us were all smiles. :P