Friday, February 17, 2006

Princess AI Impression

Ok, who can tell me more about Princess AI? I'm going to be reading these manga very, very soon and I kinda know the story, but I want to hear from fans of the series. I have to tell you the art is freaking gorgeous. I'm very curious to see what I find as I delve into the world of Princess AI.


  1. Prinsess AI is wonderful you`re right about about the art it`s stunningly beautiful...I just finished the series last week and it was the best manga I`ve read so far. Absolutely perfect in almost every aspect. All the people I know say it`s thier favorite.

  2. I've seen her before- I'm a total manga slut. You should check out your local book stores if you're really into it. I've been reading things like InuYasha, And that helped me get into the whole manga thing. Other mangas you have to read backwards. So stick with the basics, 'cause there are NAKED girls in InuYasha. Not this cheesy crap. I'm sure the storylines better too. The boys at school are always looking over my shoulder..... so anyways if you want to get back to me E-mail me at . Hope I helped a bit!