Monday, January 9, 2006

Peace Maker, RahXephon, Rune Soldier Impressions

2006, new year, new calendars and new anime. I cannot wait for some new titles this year including some Naruto on DVD and Gundam SEED Destiny. Enough about the future, what about 2005. Well, I spent a good portion of my little ol' vacation watching some ADV Films anime.

I indulged in three different series, PeaceMaker, RahXephon and Rune Soldier. Three series that have been out for a few years that you can pick up cheap(er) in their slim-pack collection, which is very nice (especially if you shop at a place like Best Buy, good prices). So, how were these series? Good to say the least.

Rune Soldier was the one I looked forward to the most, and one that I wanted to buy when it originally came out, but due to money crunch could not buy. I love Slayers, and was really hoping good things for Rune Soldier... I was a little disappointed. The animation was so-so, but I did love Louie, very funny. The series was a bunch of adventures with a few episodes tied together at the end to add some depth, but the series ends too early as you are presented with some questions in the very last episode you have to have answered. In the end, it's a fun watch but I would pick up the Slayers or one of the other packs above.

RahXephon surprised me, big time. I really expected this to be an Evangelion clone, that's why I did not buy it when it came out, even after watching episode one on the disc I received in NewType. It was not a clone, it was great. Yes there is a boy in a mech fighting invaders of varying sizes and types, both on land, with partners, and one stationed in space. Very similar to Evangelion, but instead of being a clone it's a good compliment to Eva, and if you're a fan of Shinji (and Aska) and who isn't, pick up this title.

Now, the final series I had the most questions about, Peace Maker. This is one of my favorite titles (hey, I'm a history buff also). I expected something in the vain of Kenshin, but I was alittle off. Take a look at the box art and you get ideas of revenge from a little boy, you expect him to become this great samurai, but it does not happen... at least not right away. If you love history and anime, if you love Kenshin or any anime with swords pick up this title, it's really good. By the end of the series I was attached to all the characters and wanted more, and you will too.

Well, that was my vacation, and I don't regret it. (Yes, I did other stuff, these were watched during down time.) Peace Maker and Rune Soldier each have manga which allow you to continue the adventures the anime just begins, while RahXephon leaves you very full. I'm off now, have to see what other anime I can get my mits on and indulge in the pleasure only an Otaku could understand.


  1. Hey man cool shet u got there . Rock on

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