Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mega Man X (and Zero) Collection Impression

Mega Man X. Best series of blue-bomber games ever. I remember playing the original Mega Man, the difficulty of Mega Man 2 and all the games to follow. On the NES and SNES there was no side-scrolling series I loved more (hey, I said more, there were other equal loves like Castlevania). Then came Mega Man X. An edgier more grown up Mega Man with his own storyline (hola Sigma) and cool new armor. Now you have to understand I was big time into anime like Robotech (Super Veritech) and Ronin Warriors and in both these series (more so Ronin Warriors) it was all about cool armor and the power it brought the wearer. MMX game me this power, game me more than just a color change and different weapon, and I loved it. Throw into the mix a badass named Zero (with a sword) and I was sold. Those were the days, and there is no going back ... that is until Capcom released their Mega Man X Collection.

I was a bit worried when I put this disc in my GameCube. Would it be the same? Would it stand the test of time? Would all my fond memories be crushed? Answers; No, No and No. These games are everything I remember, and I'm having as much fun playing them now as I did when I was a kid. It really goes to show that great gameplay is key.

Now X, X2 and X3 were all on the Super Nintendo with it's amazing 16-bit graphics and sound in addition to (grainy) animated cut scenes, while X4 through 6 were each on PlayStation (7 & 8 appear on PS2). As you play the games you see the gradual improvements in both graphics and sound, kinda like a short history lesson on 16 to 32-bit video games. There is also an increase in the quality of the cut scenes and the eventual addition of voice-overs, very nice. So we see the graphics and sound get better, but the story gets stranger and stranger. At the end of the day I did not buy this collection (or the originals) for the story, I bought them for the gameplay, and this series delivers.

Do yourself a favor and take this game for a spin, and if your a nut like me pick up Nubytech's custom controller. The one question I have for the folks at Nubytech is why make the controller so small? The gamers who grew up with MMX are older, and the ones who will buy the controller have bigger hands. Controls feel a little stiff at first, but the buttons you use get the job done, and the sweet graphics on the controller and the case make it a worthy addition to your China Cabinet (or shelf, whatever).

Gaming goodness from the past, that was Mega Man X Collection is all about, and packaged with the controller you're sure to please the MMX fan in your life.

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