Monday, January 9, 2006

I Love Comments!!!

So check this out, if you go to you will see a small (small) section with Comic based video games, like X-Men and Spider-Man (Ultimate, not the movie crap). The reason I included both of these titles in the Top 10 list is because, while this is an anime section, I will include good comic based titles. I am very glad I was called out on this, I was curious to see the response on putting these in. So tell me, what two games would you add to the list to replace these? I'll add them in, and revise the list, just make sure they were released in 2005. I know what two I would put in.

On a very related note, what would you like to see on a page featuring just anime trailers, intros and such, you know video content? I'll have this puppy up very soon, and I'll post here when it's ready. Good times, and please, please keep the feedback coming, or email me directly at and shoot over your journals.


  1. how do u post a comment on the blogger search forum??????

  2. OK, you've already mentioned my favorite anime game of 2005, ZATCH BELL! MOMODO BATTLES for the GameCube. I think that should've been number 1!
    But if you're looking for a replacement for Siderman and the X-men, I'd like to vote for RAVE MASTER (GameCube). I know it wasn't that great, but I had fun pounding away at it.

  3. Oh, and I'm not sure if this counts as anime but I'd like to nominate Namco's HELLO KITTY ROLLER RESCUE to replace either Spidey or the X-men. Seriously! I had a lot of fun playing this game!

    Side comment: They should bring out that PS2 game based on that anime about the guy with a big fro' and long nose hair. I think it's called BOBOBO or something like that. I saw it once on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Also, is the a CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL video game in Japan? I'd love to see one! It's a great premise for a fighting game like RIVAL SCHOOLS: UNITED BY FATE for PS1.

    Question: Do they still make SAILOR MOON video games in Japan?