Monday, January 30, 2006

Hikaru no Go DVD Impression

Ok, I talked about this anime before, few weeks back, based on the DVD sent out with Shonen Jump and not I have to reconfirm. Hikaru no Go is good. It's a good read and now it's a good watch. If you like the manga you will like the anime, period. Don't give me that crap about 'but it an anime based on a board game' that fluff won't fly. I like anime for a lot of reasons, reason different (maybe) from yours so don't tell me it's no good. This is my blog and I say Hikaru is good stuff. Clean animation, good voice acting and an excitement to the games I did not expect to find. This is a story about growing up. It could have been in a space setting with giant mechs or alien babes, but it's set on a go board (with a ghost) and it works. Oh, and for all you aspiring go players there are lessons at the end of every episode that will really make you appreciate the anime (and manga) even more.

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