Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lovingt on Katamari Damacy

I love Katamari, do you? It's an easy question. Do you love rolling around a sticky ball gathering up the world? Do you love cleaning up the mess left by the King of the Cosmos? If you do then you Love Katamari, or I should say 'We Love Katamari.'

The original hooked me, the sequel enthralled me. Such simple game play, graphics and the music, OH THE MUSIC, it's great. I get weird looks when playing but if you pick this puppy up and start the rolling you will be hooked too. It's good times. Next up is 'Me and My Katamari' on PSP. How will this work without the dual analog sticks? Who knows, if the music is jamming I'll be a playing. It's so much fun, good times.

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