Thursday, December 8, 2005

Chrono Crusade DVD Box Set Impression


I come to praise and scold a very good anime, Chrono Crusade. I know this series has been out for a while now, but I just finished watching the slimmed box set for ADV Films (get it at Best Buy, great pricing for a lot of anime). Anyway over a three day period I watch the series, came to know and really like the characters and traveled with them on their journey, good times, everything I like when I pick up an anime.

Well, I won't ruin the story for you, but why the hell does everyone die at the end??? Really, I have not been this upset at the end of an anime in quite a long time, well since Gundam SEED when Mu dies, but that's another spoiler for another time. I still loved the series, and because interested in it when I read Vol. 1 of the manga. Good read, good watch, good way to get sad. Check it out if you have time, but just be ready to say WTF and to be sad.


  1. I second that, what a bummer it was to see the end.  I was in tears, and kept telling myself it is an anime!@!@#@!!!!!!  One thing is for sure, great series. I strongly recommend it!

  2. Hey That sux for u and i was going to watch that series goddammit i just cant resist reading a blog that says spoiler :( any way have you ever seen the anime called bleach its still running its pretty cool and you can download and watch it for free just check the links at my blog

  3. Ditto! Great anime, love the combo of great story and action. You love the characters, sad to see it end. I know it sucked to see them die, but that's what I liked the most. I was not expecting it. Great realism

  4. ... why does no one post even near to the time that I do ... what are you all doing ... sleeping? .... I dont believe it but I digress this anime has a classic mix of heroism, daring, and all that jazz ... the end is a heart breaker ...