Tuesday, November 1, 2005

.hack//GU Impression

.hack//GU is looking great. I've watched the trailer so many times at on the Anime Gaming Guide, it's so sweet. Talk about chills. The character interaction in the trailer mixed with the music... yummy! Check out this site,, lot of good info here on the game, if you read Japanese, but still pretty looking.

When it first came out I did not know what I was getting with .hack. I bought the game only knowing it also had a tie-in to anime, an upcoming card game and some manga behind it. I never expected the story, the world, to cover so many genre's so well, and from different perspectives and time periods. So why am I excited about G.U. (Growing Up)? Simply put I get to go back to a world, a land I love.

My journey into the world began with Kite and .hack// Infection, Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine. These four games immersed me into The World, into an MMORPG that was not. I met and interacted with characters from the anime, from a story taking place before that of the games. I was treated to seeing these characters in-game, and also seeing the video game character in the anime (special at the end of the series). Each part, 1 through 4, of the game came with a 30 minute anime furthering the story outside the game world itself. These games (each a little short at around 15 hours) hooked me, next thing I knew I was buying the anime from Bandai. The world of .hack did not end, or begin, with the games, it just expanded The World.

The anime, and the phenomenon that is/was .hack, begins with .hack//SIGN. Am I here to tell you about the anime, no, but what I will tell youis that it's great. A character stuck in The World, unable to log-out. That's the basis and that's all I'm telling you because you can find these DVD's on the cheap, and it's just too good a series to spoil for you. It's the characters found in SIGN that you interact with (a few at least) in the PS2 games. It's the characters in the PS2 games that model designs and story in the second anime, .hack//Legend of the Twilight. This series is both shorter and funnier than SIGN, but still just as enjoyable as a brother and sister (twins) login to the world after the events of the games and SIGN, and enjoy their own adventure, with their own mysteries to solve. Sort of a departure, Legend of the Twilight is also (was first) told in manga form from Tokyopop. I'm actually going back and reading these now. There is also a novel (yup, no pictures) that you can get for .hack called .hack//AIbuster. Don't ask me about this, reading it now also.

Video games = good, anime = good, manga = good (well, all are actually great). What's left? The TCG , .hack//ENEMY is a mystery to me, I've never played or really seen it so just read up at this link, Everything comes back full-circle. I thought I was done with the .hack universe, but it's about to pull me back in. There is no excuse not to get into one aspect or another of .hack so get off your duff and get going, really, start with the trailers, it's really, really sweet.

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