Thursday, September 15, 2005

One Piece Manga Impression

Pirates are cool again, and it's not because of anything Johnny Depp has done. Monkey D. Luffy arrived on our shores with Shonen Jump a little over a year ago, and One Piece has flourished ever since. The story is simple; Luffy gets inspired as a boy by a pirate ('Red-Haired' Shanks), grows up wanting to become king of pirates and eventually sets out on his journey to accomplish this. Eiichiro Oda (creator) takes this simple formula and enriches it with his characters, design and story telling. Luffy is not your ordinary pirate which should be apparent by his straw hat and Gum-Gum Fruit enhanced stretchy abilities (think of a less serious Mr. Fantastic). The friends & foes Luffy meets, sights he sees and adventures he has is what makes One Piece such a fine read, watch and play.

Ok, check this out, the manga is great, no edits, no cuts. Someone gets cut, stabbed, hurt, or wants to smoke they do. Good stuff. The anime is clean, great reflection of art from the manga, storyline is good, but dang if the voices don't annoy the hell out of me, and the edits, OH THE EDITS!!! No stab wounds, no we get suction cup missiles instead of spikes, or we get someone with a lollipop and not a cig, what gives? (This is a mistake that I really, really hope is not repeated with Naruto.) I get that kids like this stuff, but why do you butcher a great series, didn't you learn anything from Dragon Ball Z and their mistakes? None the less, I still watch, hope they release an un-edited version, and move onto the video game, 'One Piece Grand Battle' on PlayStation 2 (also no GameCube).

Battle' is great, a fans dream. The characters are a little SD (super deformed) but it works, as does the 'Power Stone'ish play style. Run around, throw objects, collect items, attackand climb your way to victory. The controls could be a little more improved, and I hate being locked into a chain attack when facing nobody, but these are minor gripes when compared to the rest of the package. The game starts out with the animated intro from the anime (don’t' get me started on this crap... I mean rap type of intro song) then you get menus, music and voices right out of the show, you are living One Piece (nice!). The first play mode you get is Grand Battle, which is just good old' fashioned fighting against the CPU or a friend. Next you get your Story Mode, with some odd story lines, but it works. You get some Mini Games with various task to complete, Grand Tourney, single elimination fights and Training, Mix these modes with the design and you have a pretty good formula enhanced because you also have unlockables in the form of Treasure (In a pirate game, no!) Galleries and Art. These are a very nice bonus for fans of the series, and guess what, that's who's buying this game in the first place.

All in all, One Piece is very enjoyable from any angle you tackle it, and will only get better as Luffy and his crew advance on their journey giving us more wackiness. Throw in the upcoming TCG Bandai's created and you can really immerse yourself in the world of One Piece... that is unless you ate some Gum-Gum Fruit, then all you will do is sink.


  1. "Ed when he becomes the youngest state alchemist ever, mainly due to his automail (metal) leg and arm."

    His automail really had little to do with him being chosen as a State Alchemist. If anything, it was all of the knowledge that he gained about alchemy by looking through the gate. <---that shouldn't be a spoiler if u've been watching it on adult swim.

  2. OMG!!! i <3 OP some much! Luffy is sooo cool! and sanji too!
    i soo wana eat a cursed fruit too!! :)