Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Cromartie High DVD Impression

Ah, September, time for all the little kiddies to head back to school. Nothing like seeing all the school buses out knowing there is no more sleeping in, no more goofing off, it's time to get closer to adult hood. For me I love the memories this time of year brings back. New clothes, new teachers, sometimes a new school, seeing friends again, the Gorilla, riding the school bus, Freddy riding into school no his horse, smell of pencil shavings, rivalry with Bass High... wait, what?

What do you mean you don't have a Gorilla at your school? Yes it's normal to ride a horse to school; Freddy does it all the time. Who's Freddy!!! Next you’re going to ask me who Mechazawa is. I swear some people act like they've never heard of Cromartie High School. Ok, education time.

Cromartie High is just the biggest, badest school there is with all the toughest delinquents, robots, gorillas and more. It's also the funniest manga I have read in a long, long time. I picked this up a few weeks ago, Vol. 1 of the and Manga. Read the manga first, got so many looks for how much I was laughing, and then popped in the. Gotta say, I like the printed material more, but Vol. 2 of the does pick it up. Things just seem to come across better in the manga, but this is not always the case. I'm also a big fan of Excel Saga, have the entire collection, laughed my ass off to this, but I never got into the manga. The for Excel worked so much better for the pace and type of comedy, while I really feel that Cromartie is better in print, but whatever to each his own.

There are so, so many characters in this series I won't try to flesh everyone out now (that's what the official website is for) but I will tell you Cromartie follows the 1st year student Takashi Kamiyama, an honor role student, as he enrolls at Cromartie, a school known for its bad and dumbasses. Why did he go here you ask? To inspire a punk friend of his (that even the author forgets about) to go to school, and guess what. His buddy fails the entrance exam, for the easiest school anywhere.

DON'T WAIT, GO BUY/BORROW/READ NOW! Really, there are a lot of good anime and manga out there, but this really takes the cake for how off the wall it is, and who doesn’t need a good does on non-reality right now. Trust me on this, it's worth the read.

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