Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Scrapped Princess DVD Impression

Current favorite anime right now is hands down 'Gundam SEED', but close on it's tail is a new title I've picked up that I really did not expect much from, 'Scrapped Princess.' I admit I bought volume 1 for the Pacifica statue, but having just finished vol. 2 I must say I'm hooked. Ok, Pacifica is the Scrapped Princess, foretold that on her 16th birthday she would bring Armageddon, the end of the world (hey, that's the short, short version). Well, she was supposed to be killed, scrapped, as a baby, but guess what, she wasn't. Ok, so that explains Scrapped, but what about Princess, well she is one, and her twin brother is the Prince with a mother (Queen) yet to appear in Vol 1 or 2, and a frosty cold father (King) seen in Vol. 2.

Pacifica travel's with her (non-blood) sister, Raquelle, and brother, Shannon. Raquelle is very, very adept at using magic to protect her little sister, while Shannon can match swords with the best of them, and even becomes the master for Zepher (What? Hey, go buy and watch to find out ok). This is the basic backdrop for the story, and we start out with Pacifica, Raquelle and Shannon traveling the country side, avoiding trouble as everyone wants the Scrapped Princess dead. Trust me, the story gets really really good as we don't know who's good, who's evil, if Gods can be trusted. I recommend picking up this DVD and keep an eye out as the manga is being released very soon.

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