Friday, July 29, 2005

Anime & Game Music to move you

Have you ever listened to a song and had no idea what was being said, and you didn't even care? Well, I do this every day on my iPod as I've purchased a large selection of jpop, jrock, anime/game music over the years. Sometimes I get weird looks, but for those of you who have ever imported a fansub, or watched the intro to a dubbed anime you know what I'm talking about.

The ending to Final Fantasy X broke my heart, it moved me not just because I spent over 80 hours living as Tidus and gang, but because the musical scores were so moving, they just swept me up in a whirlwind of emotion as my long journey with these characters was over. I bought the soundtrack and every time I listen to it I smile, it's a fond memory that I love to relive in my mind. This is the power of music in games, but it's not just limited to orchestral music but also to vocal, both in English and Japanese. A great example of this is the old intro to Lunar back on the Sega CD, man that song hooked me in, but was oh so hokey.

Guess what, it's the same with anime, and it was Cha-La with Dragon Ball Z and Evangelion that got me hooked. The intro, the ending, the in scene music just hooks you and never lets you go. Don't believe me, just watch Gundam SEED and tell me if you play a little T.M. Revolution in your head. I still get chills listening to The Touch by Stan Bush played when Optimus Prime rolled out of the shuttle and said 'Megatron must be stopped... no matter the cost' - that was freaking sweet and made even better by the music. What I'm getting at is when you play a game or watch an anime don't ignore the music, embrace it and let it move you, draw you deeper into the experience. Let's take it a step further, let AOL Radio help you with this.

Check this out, AOL Radio it out there on the web now, anyone can listen. There are some exclusive stations that you have to sign in for, but for most you can't beat what there is to offer and I say this based on what I just typed above. An anime song station is not out of the question, and I would love to hear what you love, what you would like to see on a station, let me know, butin the meantime check out this goodness...

AOL Radio: Japanese Pop (Jpop) Station

AOL Radio: Video Game Scores Station

Listen, enjoy, and never forget that the music is not there as filler, it's there to enhance your experience and take your gaming and anime enjoyment to another level, trust me.

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